Diet Chaos


Listen, I have enough food baggage that it could possibly take another decade to unpack it all. I’ve been on the healthy side of my journey for over 3 years now but I’ve learned enough along the way to know that  it’s not over yet..and quite possibly will be a lifelong process. Funny enough, that doesn’t overwhelm me anymore. Fitness, health…these are fluid things. They change with time. Your body changes. Your desires change. Your goals change. The basic fundamentals of nutrition don’t change..but quantities change with your fitness goals. That’s kind of the fun part though. Learning HOW to change your diet up for different goals is very empowering. But first you have to get through some food baggage…

Ever been on a diet? I have.

Actually..let me be honest. I think I’ve done almost all of the major ones. I never went on that “crazy” (as if they aren’t all crazy to some extent) cayenne pepper diet…or whatever that was..but I did A LOT of them.

South Beach

Weight Watchers


4hr Body

No Fat

Low fat

No carbs

Low carbs

No sugar

And..the one that finally broke me.. (drumroll please)

HCG Diet.

Yep. That was the last. That was the one that I had a major breakdown, threw out my scale, and swore I’d never follow another food “rule” again. Let’s call it food freedom…a topic for another post.

In my opinion (and it’s my blog so that’s exactly what you’re gonna it or lump it) diets breed food baggage. They CREATE a problem where one may not have actually existed before. They put food into categories of GOOD or BAD. They make food a “moral” issue. “I’m bad for eating that bag of chips” or “I’m so good, I had a salad for lunch”. It’s not immoral to eat chips. Eating a salad doesn’t make you a superhero. I actually had salad and potato chips for dinner the other night and neither one changed who I am. One provided me with many vitamins and nutrients that my body was craving. One provided me with simple joy and also some nutrients my body was lacking.  Regardless, I was the same person.

REAL, positive change takes time. It’s a learning process. It’s hard. There are setbacks. There are bumps along the way.  It isn’t meant to be easy. Easy doesn’t stick around. Easy doesn’t teach you anything.

Get a coach. Someone to walk you through these changes you want to make. Someone to help you. STOP looking for the “6 weeks to a perfect body” quick fixes. If it sounds too good to be probably is.








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